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Emma Alonso
General information
Full name(s) Emma Alonso
Nickname The chosen one (By Daniel,
And more

Em (By Everyone)
Resides in Miami FL
Birth c.1999
School Iridium high
Occupation The chosen one
Family Francisco Alonso (Father)
Maria Alonso (mother)
Friends Andi Cruz (Best friend)
Lily(former guardian)
Maddie Van Pelt(frenemy)
Tony Myers(admirer)
Diego Rueda(Good Friends/acquaintance)
Sophie Johnson(friend sometimes)
Katie Rice(friend sometimes)
Mia(rivel over Daniel)
Daniel Miller(Boyfriend/In Love With)
Jax Novoa(Ex-boyfriend)
First appearance Discovery
Last appearance TBA
Portrayed by Paola Andino

She a witch new witch in town, she also a new student in Iridium high , she's already  fitting in because she had a boyfriend and  a guardian (lily) and a best friend Andi cruz, but she does have a witch enemy well formerly Maddie Van Pelt . portrayed by paola andino.

Personality                           Edit

She is a cheerful glitery kind girl who love to be very nice every single time. she is a goody two shoe. she isn't  a troublemaker like jax novoa. she all ways care about her friends and never won't to let them down.


She has long darkish brown hair with brown eye's. She have olive skin and wear orange t-shirt with a preppy skirt with royal blue cardigan with iridium's high logo in the side and the same shoe that she wore in Season 1. She has brown eyes and brown hair and none lipstick. In Season 2 she wore a jacket alot and a skirt and t-shirt and she dosen't wear her glittery shoe that much so she wore highhills. She wore fringy hair in season 1 but in season 2 she dosen't have it.


She just a teenager who just found ou she's a witch in Discovery. Since she found out she a witch she been getting in alot of trouble and presure because she is dating Daniel and because witches especially The chosen one.

Her are some photos of Emma information......


Daniel Miller (Romance) Edit

Main Article: Emaniel

(Ex boyfriend) they had a relationship at first but season 2 that had it over but they possibly still in love with.thumb|300px|link=File:Daniel_discovery.png

Jax novoa (Romance)Edit

Main Article: Jemma

(Ex boyfriend) they had a relationship at first in the episode about the wizard but ended at emma vs. emma.  

Andi Cruz (BestFriend Emma Alonso)Edit


 Main Article: Emand '(Best friend)' she is a kind friend to emma but when emma send philip back to the game again she was heartbroken.     '                                                                                                   '      Tumblr mxvfgmXBA31rcqnnxo4 500    

Maddie Van Pelt (Frenemy) Edit

Main Article: Emdie

(Frenemy)in the first season they were real enemies but the second when maddie dated diego she changed.

Diego Rueda (Friend)Edit

Main Article: Emgo

(Friend) Diego an her are just Aquaintance.

Katie Rice (Friend) Edit

Main Article: Emtie

(Acquaintance) they are just regular friends.

Sophie Johnson (Friend)Edit

Main Article: Soma

(Acquaintance) they are just regular friends like Katie.

Francisco Alonso (Father)Edit

Main Article: Emncisco

(Father) he is her principal father who care's very much for her.

Maria Alonso (Mother) Edit

Main Article: Emmaria

(Mother)She is emma's mother but died when emma turned 3 years old.

Tony Myers (Admire)Edit

Main Article: Emmy

(Admire) She admire him because he is a nerd and have good idea.

Clone (Emma's clone)Edit

Main Article: Emone

(Is a clone) is emma clone

best friend Andi Cruz
Normal friend Maddie Van Pelt ,Gigi Rueda, Diego Rueda, Sophie Johnson, Katie Rice
Romance Daniel Miller ,Jax Novoa
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Abilities and PowersEdit

Telekinesis- Emma can move things with her mind. In Discovery, she opened the fridge without touching it.
Levitation- Emma was also able to levitate Maddie's drink with her mind. Telekinesis Emma, using her power of telekinesis.
Photokinesis - Emma lit up a lamp even though it wasn't plugged in yet.


Animal Transformation- In The Big Rescue she cast a spell turning Andi into a goat.
Shapeshifting- In stormageddon she turned herself into Maddie Van Pelt in the game truth or dare but the magic version.
Spell Casting- She could cast spells because witches spells and is the most powerful magic yet. she could conjure things as well
Teleportation- Emma can teleport with the help of spells. In The Big Rescue, she teleported into the pool. In Magic Fight Club, she teleports Andi into the pool. Later on in Season 1, Emma learns to teleport without spells. She also teleports Daniel into the pool, but mostly her transformation spells always seem to transport people to the pool in season 1 and season 2. She teleports the Witches' Council into the pool in Runaway Witch. She teleports Philip out of the video game in Beach Birthday Bash and back into the video game in Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree.
Conjuration- Emma can conjure objects/animals out of nothing. When she first encountered Daniel he gave her butterflies in her stomach, and then a swarm of butterflies appeared out of nowhere. And again when she is nervous about her first day a butterfly appeared next to her backpack. So it is apparent that this ability is triggered by emotion.


  • Her signature gesture is waving her hand up and down and then pointing her index finger at the thing she is using magic on.
  • She doesn't hate anything.
  • She has a star shaped birthmark on her foot.
  • She is the Chosen One.
  • She loves tulips.
  • She loves smiles.
  • She doesn't like to lie (sometimes)
  • She loves glitter.
  • She loves to scrapbook.
  • She lives with her dad.
  • Her nickname is "Glitter Queen".
  • Her favorite quote is "Smiles are contagious.
  • "Her best friend is Andi.
  • Emma has a book called The Hexoren.
  • She can levitate things with her mind.
  • She can turn humans into animals.
  • She was dating Jax until The Abyss.


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