Andi Cruz
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she's Emma Alonso best friend entil maddie turn andi into a panther in season 1 episode 13. she's a tomboy, she likes zombie playing zombie eclipse but dosen't like to make a collage even when emma say that she could make a collage but she coluld make a werewolf one but she said werewoves are fine but collage are not so nice. she also dosen't like to make scrapbook's and somthink that include glitter. portrayed by daniella nieves


Andi's personality is tomboish, cool and sometimes hyper. she likes tools that's why she has her own tool kit. Andi is a Shark and her best friend is a witch! Her tomboy style and fearless attitude are part of what makes her awesome. She may not have powers, but she's never run away from a challenge. Helping Emma practice her magic and fight evil has proved she's perfect Guardian material. If only the Witches Council felt that way!


Since she's a tomboy in school Andi wears a cardigan and creamy color trousers also orange t-shirts and black sneakers. outside she wears casual clothings like hoodies. 

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